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News Submission

  1. Please remove flattering adjectives such as “we are thrilled to announce” and other such phrases. If it’s a news item, it should tell the information in a “newsy” way without the superlatives.

  2. Please refrain from exclamation marks and unnecessary capitals. Only use capital letters for formal names. For example, if you are referring to the Municipality of Leamington, you would capitalize those letters. However if you are simply saying “within our municipality”, the word municipality would not be capitalized as it’s the general term and not the formal name.

  3. Please keep the release short and to the point (maximum 300 words – ideally 150 to 200 words). It’s good to have a quote in the story, but quotes shouldn’t be longer than a sentence or two.

  4. Submissions should ALWAYS be written from the third-person point-of-view. “We” and “ours” should not be included unless in a quote.

  5. If your submission includes thanking sponsors, this would be considered advertising and we can have our sales team reach out to provide you with a quote on a thank you ad.

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